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Antioch of Asia

Antioch of Asia

Welcome to Singapore, the Lion City. 

We wish all of you a fruitful, enjoyable, and memorable stay in our nation. 

“A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation:

I the LORD will hasten it in his time."

Isaiah 60:22

Singapore is one of the smallest nations in the world but it punches far above its weight globally. With a land mass of only 719 sq. km, the city-state is the second-richest country in the world with a GDP per capita of US$72,794 (2021). 

It is also the busiest port in the world as well as the top financial center in the Asia Pacific, and the third biggest globally after New York and London. It has been voted by international agencies as the first in the world in political and operational stability; the third most competitive economy in the world; and the second least risky country for investment. 

The nation has a multi-racial and multi-religious population of 5.45 million people, of which about 4 million are citizens or permanent residents and the remaining 1.45 million are foreigners.


The local population is made up of: 

By race: Chinese 74.3%, Malay 13.5%, Indian 9%, other 3.2%. 
By religion: Buddhists 33.9%, Catholics 7.1%, Protestants 11.0%, 
Taoists 11.3%, Hinduists 5.2%, Muslims 14.3%

Despite being described as one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world by Pew Research Center, the nation has enjoyed religious and racial harmony through the years. 

The founding of modern Singapore began with the establishment of a British trading post in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. It became a British colony in 1824 and since then, the island was governed by the British till 1963 except for the period of the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945 during the Second World War. 

In 1963, it achieved independence from the British through a merger with Malaysia. However, the merger was short-lived due to political differences between the Singapore and Malaysian governments. In 1965, Singapore was 'forced' out of Malaysia and became an independent nation on its own. 

The name, Singapore, is derived from 'Singa Pura' which means "Lion City" in the Malay language. It is no coincidence that the city-state is called the Lion City. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. 

In 1978, Billy Graham made a prophetic declaration on Singapore as the Antioch of Asia. Singapore's political, social, and economic developments since attaining independence in 1965 have been inextricably tied to its destiny as the Antioch of Asia.

Session 1
Session 2 and 3
Session 4 to 7


Day 1: 10th May 2023 (Weds)

Welcome to Singapore

1730: Arrival Changi Airport

1945: Welcome Dinner with Gatekeepers Singapore & Dr Castleberry

2230: Check-in Furama Riverfront

Day 2: 11th May 2023 (Thurs)

City Tour

Furama Riverfront
Mercury 1 Room


0800: Breakfast

0830: Session 1A - Breakfast Session with Andrew Khoo

0900: Session 1B - Singapore: The Untold Story with Georgie Lee

1030: Historical Tour: (Changi Chapel Museum)

1230: Lunch at Chin Chin Eating House

1430: City Tour: (Marina Bay Sands Singapore)

1645: City Tour: (The Padang > Jubilee Bridge > Merlion Park > Fullerton Bay Hotel)

1830: Dinner at Raffles City Singapore (Free & Easy)

2100: Furama Riverfront

Day 3: 12th May 2023 (Fri)

Site Visit

Woodsquare Woodlands

i12 Katong

Village Hotel, Katong (VHK)

0730: Breakfast

0930: Session 2 - Tech & Entertainment with Sherman Ng

1100: Session 3 - The Redemptive Enterprise with Georgie Lee

1230: Lunch by Far East Organization

1400: Panel with Far East Organization

1715: Art Exhibition Tour at i12 Katong

1830: Dinner at VHK

1930: Art Jam with Sound of Art at VHK

2130: Furama Riverfront

Day 4: 13th May 2023 (Sat)

On-site Lectures

National University Singapore, Kent Ridge Campus

0730: Breakfast

0930: Session 4 - Justice Singapore with Gregory Vijayendren


1100: Session 5 - Historical Singapore: From British Colony To Independence. The Antioch Calling with Galven Lee

1230: Lunch (Buffet)

1400: Session 6 - Political Singapore - From Third World to First World: The Making of a Nation with Prof. Lim Siong Guan

1545: Session 7 - Growing Social Capital with Jason Wong

1730: Furama Riverfront (Free & Easy)

Day 5: 14th May 2023 (Sun)

Church Visit

Victory Family Centre

0730: Breakfast

1000: Visit Victory Family Centre

1230: Lunch with Pst. Jeremy Seaward

1500: Furama Riverfront (Free & Easy)

Day 6: 15th May 2023 (Mon)

On-site Lectures

URA Centre

The Pinnacle Duxton

M Hotel, Singapore

Monetary Authory of Singapore (MAS)

0730: Breakfast

0900: Singapore City Gallery Tour at URA Centre

1030: The Pinnacle Duxton Tour

1200: Lunch by The Association of Banks in Singapore

1245: Session 8: Building Singapore - From Village to Global City: The Soul of a Nation; The Greening of Singapore - From Village to Global City: The Soul of a Nation with Khoo Peng Beng.

1345: Session 9: Banking in Singapore with Mrs. Ong Ai Boon

1600: Tea break

1630: MAS Gallery Tour

1730: Furama Riverfront (Free & Easy)

Day 7: 16th May 2023 (Tues)

On-site Lectures

Blk 71 NUS Enterprise

Grab HQ @ One-North

0730: Breakfast

0930: Session 10A: Welcome and Intro To Start-Up Experience with David Pong.

1000: Blk 71 Global Incubation Tour

10:40 Session 10B: History & founding of Blk 71 with Brian Koh

1115: Lunch at Blk 71

1415: Sharing by Dr. Waldemar & Rosemarie Kowalski

1500: Session 11 - Grab Session with HQ Tour with Peter Oey

1730: Furama Riverfront (Free & Easy)

Day 8: 17th May 2023 (Weds)

Free & Easy

Furama Riverfront

Free & Easy Day

1900: Reflection Dinner

Session 8 and 9
Sesson 10 and 11


Welcome to our speaker's section, where you can learn more about the experts and thought leaders who will be sharing their insights and knowledge with you during your visit to Singapore. Discover some of the most inspiring business leaders who share your faith and values.

Our speaker schedule includes entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders who have achieved success in a variety of fields while keeping to Christian values and ideals.

They are not only successful businessmen, but they are also fervent believers who believe their faith and morals have a role in the marketplace.