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Unfolding His Story:

The Story Of The Charismatic Movement In Singapore

Georgie Lee, Galven Lee


“It was a subject that needed to be written on. What happened then was a significant period in the life of the Church in Singapore, the effects of which are still being felt today. The Lees™ account comes from personal experience of what transpired with the benefit of reflection and analysis. Hopefully there will be more books written in future on this subject. This one is well worth the read.”
- Bishop Dr. Wee Boon Hup
Bishop Emeritus of The Methodist Church in Singapore


  • Soft Cover: S$30.00

  • Hardcover Limited Edition: S$200.00

All sale proceeds go to Gatekeepers Singapore in support of its ministry.

In mid-1972, a group of Anglo Chinese School (ACS) students suddenly broke out in tongues when the Holy Spirit came upon them during a prayer gathering at the school's clock tower.  


The phenomena caught the attention of the Straits Times which carried two headline stories on it. Church leaders from mainstream denominations then swiftly denounced it as an "unhealthy cult" spreading among young.


A few months later, the then Bishop of Singapore, Bishop Chiu Ban It, also came into a similar experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit as it is now known while attending a conference in Bangkok. This was followed by another well known Anglican cleric, Canon James Wong who while praying at home also broke out in tongues.


Soon tongues of fire spread across church denominations and throughout Singapore. The ACS clock tower phenomena was no longer frowned upon. 


'Dry bones' came alive and sceptics and cynics came to faith in droves. Christianity in Singapore soon exploded from just a few percent of the population to about 19 per cent today. 


Stories abound on the Holy Spirit's move, like what was recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. You can read a riveting account of these stories in the 300 page best seller, 'Unfolding His Story,' authored by Gatekeepers Singapore's National President, Georgie Lee and his son, Galven Lee.


Launched during Singapore's Jubilee in 2015, the book is an adaptation of Galven's history research thesis submitted for his undergraduate degree at the National University of Singapore and Australian National University. He was awarded a first class honours degree by both universities. Georgie Lee wrote from a personal eye-witness account of what transpired.


Today as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of what is now recognised as the charismatic movement, we give thanks to God for this mighty move of the Holy Spirit that transformed the landscape of Christianity in Singapore.  

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