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The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) was birthed in 1952 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Founded by Demos Shakarian, the fellowship quickly grew into a global movement in the 1960s and 70s. In the 1970s, the FGBMFI made landfall in Singapore in the wake of the Charismatic revival.



Khoo Oon Theam with Demos Shakarian (right), founder of FGBMFI, at the first FGBMFI Banquet at Shangri-la Hotel.


"God has worked mightily through the FGBMFI(S). …From Singapore, the sincere witnesses and testimonies of…enthusiastic and Spirit-filled businessmen touched their colleagues in West and East Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and beyond. The growth of the FGBMFI(S) chapters and the renewal movement in Singapore and Malaysia has also helped to accelerate the growth of a number of Pentecostal and independent Charismatic churches. In Singapore, it has made a positive contribution and has given birth to many independent churches.”



In 1974, Christian leaders took steps to formally establish FGBMFI as an interdenominational fellowship in Singapore, and in 1975, FGBMFI Singapore was formally registered. During this season of Charismatic revival, FGBMFI Singapore facilitated the acceptance and understanding of the move of the Holy Spirit, fanning the flames in Singapore and in the region. The primary goal then was to reach men for Christ, and bring them into Christian fellowship.




1980s - 1990s

The Charismatic revival propelled the church into a season of exponential growth. As many of our leaders and members followed this move of the Holy Spirit, their focus shifted from FGBMFI(S) to growing their churches.



In 2003, Khoo Oon Theam took over the leadership of FGBMFI(S). With a renewed vision from the Lord and a fresh understanding of 'Vision Intensifies' which Demos Shakarian wrote before his passing, he began to chart a new direction for the fellowship. Moving past the charismatic and church growth eras, the fellowship began to focus on living out the gospel of the Kingdom of God in the world and the call to disciple nations. This culminated in a new vision statement which still stands today. The fellowship's mission statement was also expanded to the 5 E's; Evangelise, Empower, Equip, Enlarge, and Extend.

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In alignment with the new vision and mission, the fellowship broke tradition to admit women into its membership in 2008. Following this decision, FGBMFI(S) in 2010 officially changed its name to Full Gospel Business (FGB). The Women's Gate was also launched. 

As part of the strategy to transform the culture of nations, a discipling school, Making Disciples in all Nations (MDN) was launched, to equip believers both in Singapore and globally. The school attracted thousands of men and women from five continents. A discipleship process was also initiated to provide personal discipling of individuals. 



In 2016, Khoo Oon Theam was appointed Emeritus President and Advisor. Georgie Lee was elected as National President to carry on the vision and lead the fellowship to another season.



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We are at the cusp of a new wave of revival and a new season. God desires to see His Kingdom reign throughout the earth. However, deep darkness has covered the earth. We are living in a Babylonian world. God has called us to engage in impacting culture in the nations so that His name will be glorified. As Gatekeepers, our strategic intent is to help restore the Biblical narrative to a depraved world. Hence, our name changed from Full Gospel Business Men to Gatekeepers (Singapore).




"Now the body is not made up of one part but of many." - 1 Corinthians 12:14

In 2022, We emerged from the pandemic, though not out of the woods, the relaxation of the Covid-19 rules has allowed us to resume meetings with the flexibility of formats; in-person, virtual, or hybrid to continue to fulfill the Vision and Mission of the fellowship. 


With rapid digitisation and technological innovations, Digital Babylon has increasingly gained dominance, even among believers. A nation's culture is predicated on its worldview. The dominant worldview today is driven by a humanistic gospel and relativism. We are living in a post-Christian world that has become increasingly anti-Christian. More than ever, we need to counter the world's culture and confront Digital Babylon.

Hence, our new strategy is directed at: Restoring the BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW and Living out the Kingdom of God i.e. the PRAXIS  We do this by: INTENTIONAL DISCIPLESHIP, IMPACTFUL STEWARDSHIP & INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP. 


2023 Onwards

In 2023, Georgie Lee and his wife, Evelyn, stepped up to chair as Council of Elders. Sherman Ng was elected as National President to continue the vision of Gatekeepers Singapore.


We are an inter-denominational Christian fellowship in Singapore connected to a global network of marketplace fellowships. We exist to advance God’s Kingdom in our families and society, in the marketplace and the church, in cities and nations, and across generations.

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