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Northwest University MBA Scholarship

Applications NOW CLOSED!

Dear Gatekeepers and friends,

I pray this finds you well and flourishing in the Lord. 

Gatekeepers (Singapore) has embarked on a strategy of 3I’s namely, Influential Leadership, Impactful Stewardship and Intentional Discipleship. As part of the organisation's mission, everything that we do will fall into one or more of these categories.

I am super stoked to announce that we have inked a collaboration with Northwest University (“Northwest”) to offer a "Gatekeepers x Northwest University" Scholarship Program that will be funded by Northwest with recruitment to be done by Gatekeepers (Singapore).

Located in Kirkland, Washington, Northwest is a Christian institution that has been preparing students to lead in their careers since 1934. It offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in various disciplines, to meet the needs of an ever-changing society. 

This is a one-of-a-kind collaboration with a top Christian university in the United States and Gatekeepers (Singapore) is honoured to partner with Northwest. In addition to the MBA scholarship announced earlier, we have decided to offer an Undergraduate scholarship as well!

The program is open for application and details can be found below. Please also ensure that you meet Northwest’s Undergraduate program’s admission requirements before applying.

Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements


1,000 Write up

Submit a 1,000 word write up on the following:

a. Introduce yourself.
b. Why do I deserve the scholarship?
c. What do I aspire to do for the kingdom of God?
d. What motivates you to pursue the MBA?
e. Why do you want to earn the MBA and why now?



80% attendance for all Gatekeepers events

-Ensure sufficient attendance in Gatekeepers events subject to arrangement with mentors and elders in Gatekeepers
-The mentorship program is meant to prepare the scholarship recipient for leadership positions in Gatekeepers and the marketplace and build relationships between them and other members of Gatekeepers

- Committed to a 1-1 mentorship program with board members


Induction Program

Attend the School of Gatekeepers before graduation from the Undergraduate program or within 6 months after graduation.


Giving Back

To be a Singapore-based member of Gatekeepers Singapore and serve on the Gatekeepers Singapore resource panel or board for two years after returning from Northwest.

To contribute meaningfully to the 3Is serving on the Gatekeepers Singapore resource panel or board.


Intentional Discipleship | Influential Leadership |

Impactful Stewardship

This scholarship would add to our strategy of Intentional Discipleship and Influential Leadership as we seek to disciple a generation in the values of the Kingdom while they receive their education. We also desire through this program, to raise influential leaders in the marketplace as the students receive international exposure.


Interested parties can submit their application with their CV and write up to



Sherman Ng

National President, Gatekeepers Singapore

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