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President's 100 Days Report

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"My prayer is that through your journey with us, you will come away encountering a God that is much bigger in your life than when you first joined us."

Sherman Ng
National President, Gatekeepers Singapore

Dear Gatekeepers and friends both old and new,


To those who were able to attend the Gatekeepers Connect where we presented this report - a big thank you for coming and I pray that it was useful and enriching. 

If you were not able to make it, I hope this report will keep you informed and connected to what this leadership team is doing. 

Firstly, I am humbled to take on this role and I confess I felt highly inadequate for the role. There are certainly big shoes to fill and I felt that I did not match up to our preceding leaders. Secondly, the leadership that passed on this baton to me set the bar so high that it felt like it would be a daunting task to surpass their achievements. I did not want to fail or do a bad job. 

However, it was through a series of events that God graciously confirmed that He had indeed prepared and appointed me to this role and that it was not by sheer coincidence that I had assumed the role of President of Gatekeepers Singapore. These confirmations strengthened my faith and confidence. With that, I am fully submitted to and embrace the calling of God to lead this Fellowship. It has also been immensely encouraging for me to work alongside a stellar leadership team comprising of: 

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Our immediate past president has stepped up to chair a Council of Elders with his wife, Evelyn. This Council will provide wisdom and fathering to the Fellowship on an ongoing and intimate basis. 


Our vision and mission has never and will not change. Matthew 28:18 sits firmly on our mind and our vision remains as "A body of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the culture of nations through discipling men and women for the work of the Kingdom of God.".


Our expression has, however, evolved and progressed to one that focuses on an Output Driven Model. In everything that we do, we have an intended and substantiated outcome to shape the future and have a lasting impact. In other words, Gatekeepers Singapore seeks to exemplify the Praxis of Marketplace Theology.


How do we do this? Through our strategy of the 3Is, namely:

3Is 2.png

We have also retained and added to our board of advisors and they are: Choe Peng Sum, Gregory Vijayendran, Pastor James Lee, Jason Wong, Bishop Moses Tay, and Ong Ai Boon.

The above are built on the existing pillars that have been established by our previous generations at Gatekeepers Singapore. 

Some of the milestones and objectives we have achieved as a leadership team as are follows, 

  • A collaboration with Christians In Web 3.0.

  • Revival Night, Marketplace Edition with Awaken Generation which saw the hall at TPI building filled to the brim.

  • A collaboration with Jeff Yuen, teaching our Young Gatekeepers on how to listen to the voice of God, especially in the marketplace.

  • A first in Singapore - we established a Northwest University x Gatekeepers Scholarship with two MBA and one undergrad scholarship to be awarded through Gatekeepers Singapore. 

  • We started a Third Age Movement, helping the senior generation to further enhance their role as fathers and also sharing the Gospel with their peers. 

  • On the Impactful Stewardship front, we are close to finishing the planning of the governance requirements for a fund that is being set up and will provide more details very soon. 

There are 2 more exciting updates to look forward to: 

  • We will have our inaugural School of Gatekeepers (SOG) from 18-20 August! This 3-Day 2-Night stay will be held at Changi Cove, and the cost will include a free 1-year membership at Gatekeepers Singapore when purchased during the early bird.

  • We will move into our new office situated in the central business district of Singapore by October 2023!

There are more plans in the pipeline and I look forward to sharing them with you in the days ahead. I hope the above has given you an insight into what we are looking to achieve through the grace of God. We are serious about creating a lasting impact in the marketplace for the Kingdom of God.


If you are a member of Gatekeepers Singapore, I pray that your journey will be an enriching one. There is a lot happening that you can look forward to and be a part of! If you’re thinking about joining Gatekeepers Singapore, I hope that you will see Gatekeepers Singapore through the lens of the larger Kingdom narrative that God is weaving; we look forward to having you join us. 

What does this mean for you?

  1. Become a Member: As a member, you gain exclusive access to some of our events and resources and gain networking opportunities as we foster meaningful connections and advance the Kingdom together.

  2. Attend our Gate Meetings: Engage in focused discussions and gain valuable insights by attending our Friday Market Gate, Women Gate, or Young Gatekeepers meetings.

  3. Join our School of Gatekeepers: From 18-20 August, this 3-day 2-night stay will be held at Changi Cove at $650 (Single Room) and $550 (Double Room) with a free 1-year membership at Gatekeepers Singapore for the early bird price. This event will allow you to understand the Father's heart, receive your personal blueprint for marketplace success and learn how to discern & carry a Kingdom Worldview.

  4. Apply for Northwest Scholarship MBA: This prestigious opportunity can provide you with practical handles on how to be salt and light in the marketplace both professionally and spiritually.

God's richest blessings,

Sherman Ng

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