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47th Anniversary Recap

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Thank you for joining us and we hope you had a blessed time meeting and fellowshipping with everyone. Below is a short thank you message from our President.

If you were unable to join us, here is a quick summary of what happened.

  1. New Strategy (3Is)

  2. Intentional Discipleship & what does it mean

  3. Newly Launched Telos Podcast

  4. Exclusive scholarship program with Northwest University

  5. Your Impactful giving

Scroll down to find out more!


Kicking off the session was our National President, Georgie Lee.

After giving thanks to God for his faithfulness the past 47 years, Georgie shared with us the new season that Gatekeepers will be embarking on.

He also shared with us a new strategy and how, with the vision of Gatekeepers as our foundation, we can keep up with these changing times.

This strategy is:


Following Georgie's sharing was John Paul Chen who elaborated more on our vision for Intentional Disicpleship.

Which we, at Gatekeepers, believe Intentional Discipleship to be:

These values will be executed through 2 pathways, Vocational Discipleship and Thought Leadership.

Vocational Discipleship includes:

  1. Our Different Gates (e.g. Young Gatekeepers, Business Gate, etc.)

  2. Small Companies (Teams) for group discipleship

  3. Individual Discipleship

Thought Leadership includes:

  1. Scholarship Programs

  2. Telos Podcast (Click the button below to catch Season 1)


We are pleased to announce that Gatekeepers Singapore has a MBA scholarship program with a well-known overseas institution, Northwest University (located in Washington)!

It is a regionally accredited, Christian institution awarding associate, bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degrees. It is also neighbors to some of the most successful companies, including Microsoft, Google, Boeing, and Amazon. These game-changing corporations are great places to intern or work once graduating.

We currently have 2 slots available for this scholarship program and it's intake will be in January 2023 and August 2023.

Get to know more about Northwest University or contact us to find out more!


Of course, all this would not be possible without you! Through your impactful giving, we hope to grow Gatekeepers and the Kingdom community around us to greater heights.

We recognise the importance of collaboration with other Kingdom organisations and plan to support them not just spiritually, but also financially. To do this, we intend to follow the Luke 10 - 4 Step Process – The Great Commission.

Below we can see how your impactful giving, along with spiritual, human and social capital can allow us to achieve this.


If you believe in this direction and would like to join us on this journey, you can simply give through the following channels or the button below.

We hope you are excited with what's happening at Gatekeepers and will join us on this journey!


Gatekeepers Singapore

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